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In direct line with YAFCAD HNP actions, the purpose of this page is to propose to trekkers the different possibilities that are given in Ladakh to realize a trip both authentic and respectful of the valleys they will cross, towards the local populations and the environment.
The Youth Association For Conservation And Development in Hemis National Park (YAFCAD HNP) and the Women Group propose a set of services and activities that can transform the discovery of these high altitude valleys into an outstanding human adventure while guaranteeing that the trekkers resources will be of the populations benefit, thus turning the potential negative impact of their trek into a mean of harmonious development of these areas.
So, if you appreciated the YAFCAD HNP web site, our associations actions...
If you wish to discover these high altitude valleys and this people of deep Himalayan culture, while subscribing to a true ecotourism approach...
Contact the Youth Association for Conservation and Development of Hemis National Park that will help you prepare your ecotrek in Hemis National Park.


  • Contact in France: contact@yafcad.com
  • Contact in Leh, Ladakh: hemis_npark@yahoo.co.in
  • For Ladakh, mails have to be written in English to : Respected President of the Youth Association for Conservation and Development of Hemis National Park.

    Our actions for an ecotourism approach are recognized by the Petit Futé guidebook:

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    The villages in the core area of the Hemis National Park are among the most beautiful in Ladakh, and, to great extent, traditional life continues as it was in the past. As you walk up the Markha valley to Nyimaling or wend your way through the gorges or over the passes that separate the little villages of Chilling and Sumdha, you can follow tumbling rivers, walk through the shade of willow and smaller shrubs. You will pass through farms, walking beside irrigation channels, between fields of wheat and barley or mustard yellow in the sun. The houses are still clustered around the village Gompa. Each village is different: Chilling is famous for its metal workers, craftsmen famous all over Ladakh and beyond, Markha and Hankar have the ruins of ancient fortresses built to defend the marches of Ladakh from marauders, Sumdah Chugun has a famous monastery, Sumdah Chenmo contains what is probably the oldest wooden statue in India, the Sumdah Gokpo. Many villages, including Chilling, Skiu and Markha, have medicinal springs, which are still regularly used.

    Home-Stay in Chilling

    For trekkers who would like to get closer to the life of these valleys, while subscribing to a true eco-tourism approach, the YAFCAD HNP organized since a few years a network of "home-stays". These home-stays offer a unique opportunity to discover and share the life of these valleys. All the families that host trekkers have received training in what visitors may want, proper standards of cleanliness and in how to provide clean, nutritious local food. Every home-stay have a local lavatory, either in the house or within easy reach.

    Inside a Home-Stay


    Women groups
    Local products
    Filtered water

    Under construction

    Kanda-La base camp Parachute-Cafe in front of Stok Kangri

    Inside a Parachute-Cafe

    Local products sold in Parachute-Cafe

    The Treks

    The YAFCAD HNP and the Women Group propose lots of services to allow you to realize your trek in Hemis National Park in the best possible conditions, ensuring the respect of the local populations and the wildlife:
  • Full organization of "made-to-measure" trek: English speaking guides (with a caravan if necessary), booking of home-stays, organization of transfers (taxi or bus)

  • Publication of booklets describing the park, the villages, the inhabitants, the Ladakh culture, the fauna, the flora, etc.

  • Publication of Hemis National Park maps

  • Hemis National Park Map

    Hemis National Park Booklet

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