Here are some links towards sites related to YAFCAD HNP activities:


    The Snow Leopard Conservancy works with local people to not only find a way for them to live harmoniously with snow leopards but also to become their guardians. Snow Leopard Conservancy as done this by creating alternative-income projects, such as tourist homestay lodging and eco-tourism. Other means of working with local herding populations is to protect livestock by building predator-proof corrals and providing conservation education and training for children in the Himalayan region.


    Ladakhi Women's Travel Company is a travel agency owned and operated by Ladakhi women. Founded by Thinlas Chorol, Ladakh's most experienced female guide, this agency provides trekkers, travellers and tourists with female guides and porters. They organise treks and homestays as well as cultural and scenic sightseeing tours. Their aim is to encourage the women of Ladakh to show their abilities and skills, particularly in the more remote areas. Through homestays they give the women in the villages a chance to meet new people and new cultures.

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